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Champ stands in the tower he built in 1981 to house this turret clock . The works were made in 1865 by John Moore & Sons. The 400 lbs. of weights are wound weekly to provide a nice heart beat in the shop with every tick & tock. MORE

To Listen to the Sounds inside the Tower

Champ and John Moore & Sons turret clock
Listen as heard from inside the tower mp3 1249 kb

Letter from: The Master of The Worshipful Company of Clockmakers (British Horological Institute, President). The Master visited Champ's Clock Shop during a stand in Atlanta GA, June 1997. The Master was kind enough to have the History of our Clock's Maker Researched and Share the Information in this Letter.

The Heartbeat of Champ's Clock Shop
 Made By: John Moore & Sons , Clerkenwell London UK Circa 1865

Circa 1980 Jerry Champion ran across a unique English tower clock works while traveling in Connecticut. He returned home thinking he would really like an American made unit. While reading a clock publication, he ran across the company that made the clock he had just seen. He was impressed with the company profile and immediately contacted the English importer in Connecticut and purchased the clock. (Mr Leslie White of Mill House Antiques -1068 Main St N, Woodbury, CT 06798)

The Clock was restored installed in our specially built clock tower circa 1981. The exterior was designed to resemble Henry Ford's Scotch Settlement one room schoolhouse which was moved to Greenfield Village. The interior is a rustic loft and built to support the clock and bell.

In June of 1997 The Master of The Worshipful Company of Clockmakers (British Horological Institute, President) Visited our shop to document the John Moore Clock.

In 2015 we started researching our clocks past after receiving a book of John Moore's annual production and sales records. The only clock that matched our clocks description delivered in 1865 was listed as "chase, winchmore hill. 2' 6" dial for H. Wigan esq"

The Chase (Wade's Hill Rd.) runs between Winchmore Hill Village to the East Gate of Wigan's Home Estate known as Eversley. A Grand Italian style mansion with vast gardens, Farmery, Stables, and entry gate Lodges spread across 40 Acres. Henry Wigan died September 18 1885 and his estate went up for auction May 31st 1888.
The next owner of Eversley was Lady Caroline Anne Loftus, Marchioness of Ely (born in Caithness circa 1850). She shows as head of household in the 1901 & 1911 Census and lived there till her death in 1917. The mansion was demolished in the 1920s and most of the estate became Eversley Park. It is not known where on the estate the clock tower was located, but normally in the stables. The Eversley stables and farmery were located near 151 Green Dragon Ln. The Main Italian style mansion was centered near the east end of Maplin Close. The East Gate Lodge was 131 Green Dragon Rd. The Kitchen Garden Walls still stand and surround homes at the end of Eversley Mount and directly behind Oak Lodge at 50 Eversley park rd.

The HEARTBEAT OF WINCHMORE HILL LONDON now resides along the Chattahoochee River in south Douglas County Georgia at Champ's Clock Shop

We are always searching for the missing pieces of the puzzle of our clocks history.
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Thank You Steve King of the UK for sharing the scans below & sharing knowledge of the estate.

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