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Corvair Dune Buggy
Built by: Jerry Champion 1969/70
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We Really got some strange looks in this thing!

Oh yea the kid. Well that was me.
Check out those Stylin Threads!

Hello, From the kid in the picture circa 1969. Above: Originally This was an Orange 1962 Corvair Monza Convertible. This Buggy was built inside the original Champ's Clock Shop building before clocks took over. Thirteen inches was chopped from the center and the rear deck lid was stretched across the front. The Car was quite stable and quick. Unfortuantly a year or so later the car was traded for a 1965 Monza. The 140 HP motor was Swapped into the '65 monza and the poor buggy burned in a woods fire at the home of its new owner. The motor now resides in my fiberglass Corvair Component Dune Buggy. See Below. I bought this one in 1982 when I was a just a Teen. The buggy was pastel bathtub blue and had home made wheels. I later had it painted and I do like the RED much better. 

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Our Family's 1963 Corvair Monza 900

Dad bought this little red Corvair new in 1963 from Nally Chevrolet on Stewart Avenue in Lakewood Ga. It was his and my mom's first new car. I was born in 1964 and they brought me home from the hospital in the car as well as my little sister in 1970. The car was a genuine part of the family. When I turned 16 Dad gave the Corvair to me. I drove it to school until 1982 when I had completely restored it to a show winning condition. The car did not accumulate many miles after restoration. It traveled to shows and stayed hid in the shed mostly. September 1991 I brought my own son home in the same car as his dad. An awesome day for us and our little Corvair friend. Shortly after that another car pulled in front of us and required the front end to have NOS replacement parts installed. The car was put into storage until it was completely submerged in the wrath of the 2009 Chattahoochee flood. I pulled the car home, flushed the drive train and removed the interior. It's now 2020 & we are still looking to get our little red friend back on the road. My Family has had the little car for over 56 years now and we plan on making it live forever.

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November 1959

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