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 The following is a history of the bikes I have had the pleasure to  own. I loved each and every one of them.
 Bikes are listed in order by the year that I acquired them.
 Basically this page is so I can click down memory lane and share my  passion with other enthusiast. "+" means they are still in the corral.

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1973 - Red Mini-bike Dad picked me up from school (3rd grade) and when I got home there it sat. It was love at first sight. This was in September 1973, My friend Jerry Harbin and His brother Leslie (the same day) Received new Yamaha bikes, A GT80 and AT1 125 for their birthday. My new red mini had been theirs and now I was lucky it was mine. Unfortunately it did not take long for the motor to blow up. Guess that was a good thing cause the paddle to tire rear brake was a death trap.

1973 - Cat Mini-bike This replaced old red. Cost Me $50 from a fellow Atlanta Fireman at Dad's Station. You know you are having fun when your handle bars break in half and you use an old pair of vice grip pliers to hold them together. Worked Great till the vice grip popped off at 20mph. Funny the pliers only fell off once and sent me flyin. I Went through several clutches until 1975 when old Yella got replaced by a 72 Kawasaki G5.

1975 - 1972 Kawasaki G5 100cc Serial # G5021533 My first real motorcycle. Would indicate 70mph. Dad Purchased 12/23/1975 $250.00. Sold it in 1982 with 7000 more miles for the same 250.
Download Brochures, Pictures, Test Reports below:

1976 - 1975 Kawasaki KS 125 Serial # K1-020545 Engine K1E020604 Purchased 5/26/1976 directly from Kawasaki Motors. This was Mom's bike until I was forced down at 50 mph by a truck backing out of a drive way on a blind hill. My buddy & I looked much better than the our bikes. I kept this bike until 1986 . It was really worn out by then. Download: Brochure | Photo

Skinned but riding the next day
Accident date 6/25/1978

1976- 1975 Kawasaki F-11 250 Purchased used from Kawasaki City in Mableton GA. This was Dad's bike but I was able to put about 500 miles on it in a 2 square mile area. The bike was fairly smooth though the suspension was under sprung for off road. Dropping from a wheelie felt like it was gonna break something.
Download: Brochure | Photo

1977 - 1974 Yamaha RD350 Talkin about a Cool bike for a 12 year old. This thing was fast and would wheelie on demand. On a wild hair I would sometimes climb a road side hill climb. Its a wonder i didn't kill myself. I could get about 110 mph flat out & I once dusted the older neighbor kid on his Yamaha 650 twin. The neighbor kid has not spoken to me since. Wish I still had this one.

1983 - 1983 Yamaha XT200 My first 4 stroke. Was a good bike but I weighed about 200lbs. and did not have enough get up for my big butt. Sold to my buddy Potts. Now he regrets selling it himself.

 Download: Brochure

1985 - 1982 Yamaha XV 750 Virago My first 4 stroke Street bike. Was a very good machine. Not fast but Practical. Made several long trips on this one. The motor was bullet proof. The starter had some problems with its clutch slipping, but that was an easy fix with some extra clutch washers and just keeping the screws tight. Sold

Download: Brochure | Photo

1986 - 1986 Honda VF500F Interceptor A Dream come true, My first modern Sport bike. Great power and Handling. Smooth & confidence inspiring. I will regret selling this one. Needed funds for ZREX. Sold 8/2/2002
More Info & Photos   Specifications

1986 - 1986 Honda TRX 200 SX My first 4 Wheeler. Really fun, bad brakes, A great floater. Would run with only the snorkel out of the water for hours on end. Lasted until my girl (at the time) broke her arm flipping it down a hill. Must have rolled 50 times. I took a heat gun and straightened the smashed plastic parts, popped the tires back on the rims and it looked pretty good. Sold to my buddy Potts which helped fund the TRX250x.

1986 - 1986 Yamaha TT 350 + What can I say? I still own it, love it . Bullet proof motor, All torque, will wheelie on demand, climb anything you can stay on the bike and ride up. No Complaints!
Download: Brochure | Brochure2

1987 - 1987 Honda TRX 250 X + Another Perfect Machine. Handles great, Wheelies now, Jumps with a confident feel. Still Own it . Ain't Sellin it! Download: Brochure

1989 - 1986 BMW K100RS + Moving up in the world of motorcycling. Great torque motor, Nice sound out of its Luftmeister Pipe. Handles better Two Up than most bikes I have ridden. The k bike is a master of Stability above the posted speed limit. Fairings have excelent wind protection for the whole body. Great view over the windshield make you feel one with the world. Bought with 1200 miles on it. Thanks to one of my customers I could afford It.  
Download: Specifications

1990 - 1978 Honda CT-70 Another bullet proof blast from the past. My Pregnant wife and I rode this thing together. What a site. Sold

1991 - 1981 Suzuki TS 100 I stumbled across this one at a customers. Told my brother-in-law about it. He bought it. Then I bought it from him thinking my wife would ride it. She did once. I Kept it for 2 years. A new baby on the way sent it to a new home that Year. Sold

1992 - 1983 Yamaha XV 750 Virago My second virago. Guess I missed the first one. Bike only had 2400mi on it when got it and after a few hundred bucks were spent it, it was a great ride. Traded For my GB 500. I do miss the Cruiser format. Great for goin nowhere, not so fast.

1992 - 1990 Honda GB 500 It was love at first site. This great little bike is very tight and smooth. Smoothest Shifting transmission Award. Only had 300mi when I got it and only gets Ridden a few times a year. Always has been a favorite bike!
Cult Bike Story Download
CW Project Honda GB500 Performance Hop Up and Specifications Courtesy of Cycle World Magazine
92 Additional Photos via PDF Download 21 mb
Honda gb500 brochure 89-90 via PDF Download
Sold 2008

1993 - 1990 Honda NS 50 + This is my Personal True Grits Fun mini rocket. Hums 67mph on down hill. Stock Motor, 15 T front sprocket. Tires are from the Aprilia rs50 catalog (90/80-17 & 110/80-17). I tucked the tail light, mini blinkers, exhaust now has that Canister look. See the 50cc page where this beast performs a mean burn out. Collective Oooo"
Watch the YouTube Ride by Video

1993 - 1984 Yamaha RZ 350 L + Another dream come true. Bought this bike out of a box. Spent over 100 hours disassembling every component and lots of $ to get it as new as possible. Pistons are 20 over. Exhaust valve and chamber are polished & ports matched. Larger Image

Download: Hear it start and rev (mp3)   Specifications Brochure Red Brochure Yellow

1998 - 1986 Honda Z50 Special My son's first Ride. Not ridden much accept by 225lb. me. Put a new tank on that rascal and that set me back $320.00. but the bike was worth it. Sold 3/20/2002 for $1250.00

1999 - 1999 Kawasaki STX 1100 Jet Ski
I know it's not really a motorcycle but it's still a Kawasaki Two Stroke Triple.  Ski handles great and and keeps traction in choppy water. Should be called a WET SKI. It will get you soaked from the spray coming off the front quicker than any other ski I have ridden. The good definitely out weighs the bad.
Oh! say Hi to the wife.

Complements of Kawasaki Motors the jet pump went out just under 100hrs. The pump started making excessive noise. On further inspection Kawasaki had left out the rear bearing in the pump shaft housing. It is amazing that it worked at all. Needless to say, Kawasaki wouldn't warrant it because the problem was discovered a few years after warranty was gone. Wrong is wrong and standard warranty policy should be over looked in a situation like this. This one cost me big time.

2000 - 1986 Honda XR80 My son's current bike. Really amazing how well this little bike does with an adult size rider. Pulls like a little truck. Wish I had one of these when I was a kid! Sold

More pictures and specifications

2000 - 1981 Kawasaki KE 125 Found this one stored for 18 years. Only 128 miles on it. I took down the top end and honed the jug and have put 400 miles on it. Wow Just like my old KS 125. I liked the Green better. Sold to my buddy Doug. He passed it on to a Delta buddy.

2002 - 2002 Kawasaki ZRX 1200 I finally got a candy lime green bike again. This bike was a result of not riding anything new for a long time. So much roll on power is intoxifying. SOLD 2014 5000mi
Youtube Video
Factory Facts ZRX1100 verses ZRX1200

2002 - 1990 Honda NS50 Another 50cc bike added to the collection. I bought this one with some small dents in the tank and missing the rear compartment lid but only 425mi. This is so my non 50cc owning pals can join in the 50cc realm of fun. One of those great moments in life.
Download: Brochure | Brochure2

Sold $1200 January 2005 1050 miles. When I bought my '97 Honda dream 50 I had to make some room and raise some funds. Great bike but has gone to good home in Indiana.

2003 - 1964 Yamaha YG-1   Meet Christine
"Ya know Pepper, You can't polish a Turd".
 She is officially an antique. ---- SHOW ME.
Restored by: Douglas Walker Restorations - New Owner
 Serial #'s: Frame-Y20-836536 Motor-G1-836536
 Special thanks To: Tanner, Tony, & Gary (Non Shitters)
 *See A Ride By Video (courtesy Yamaha Japan)

2003 - 1999 Kawasaki KLR 250   Great all around bike. Motor is very smooth and has a comfortable ride. Power comes on at 6000rpm and again at 8700rpm. Torque is very good on the low end but the front wheel stays planted. Bike is lots of Fun in the mountains and a quick trip to town. Larger Image

Sold on ebay to fund the new KLR650

2004 - 1982 Kawasaki AR 50 mini GP   Bought on ebay and picked up in Greenbay, WI. An Interesting bike to say the least. Restoration in progress. Slowly becoming Kawasaki Green.

Download: Factory Photo Sold 7/24/2008

2004 - 1983 Yamaha RX50MK (Midnight Special)
Bought this one on Ebay from Funk Motorsports in Flat Rock, Michigan. Nice Folks. Hey, Finally a Panama City Beach Cruiser. Rear shocks compress under my 260lbs with ease. Likes to run about 45mph but if you lean down it may hit 55mph down hill. put put put put put -- BRRRRRRR
Sold 2007 to my buddy who rode it most.
Larger Image

2004 - 1997 Honda Dream 50 (AC15) +  

This bike is a Dream come true for me. I have wanted one since Honda's introduction in February 1997. This is a Street Version of its predecessor the 1962 CR110. Honda also produced in limited production for 2004 a HRC Track only version the AR02 CB50R. Larger Image

See an Original CR110 Restoration

2005 - 1982 Honda MB-5 MB 50 (AC01)

A few years back this bike came to my collection from a business partner and friend. He bought the bike new to ride in college. This bike is as new looking as I have seen an MB5 in recent years. Installed a Brand new Gas tank and a carb kit, otherwise the bike is original.
Detail photos of this bike via pdf format
Sold on ebay 4/15/08 $1250

2005 - 1998 Yamaha Zuma 50cc Scooter (CW50K) +  Saw this little scooter at a customers house back in 2000. He rode it 89 miles then lost the key. I always wanted to go back and buy it but coulden't remember his information. I ended up servicing his clock again 4.5 years later and he still had the bike, still 89 miles , still no key. Got a great deal and most importantly. Great Utility Scooter.

2005 - 2000 Yamaha TT-R 225 (TTR225M) Found this one just down the street from a longtime friend. Had been bought new by a gal who wrecked and hurt herself the first week then let the bike sit a few years and finally sold it . Bike had less than 10 hours on it. Carb and fuel system needed cleaned but bike was basically New. Good easy to use power, Low gearing, Electric Start is too easy.
Sold on ebay to fund the new KLR below

2006 - 2006 Kawasaki KLR 650 + aka UltraMan - A Do ALL Bike
Download: Image1 Image2
LINK to Great information Page:

2007 - 1982 Yamaha XV 750 Virago My Third virago. Guess I missed my first two. This bike had the best unblimished chrome I have seen on an old bike. Stored most of its life since new and having only 8k mi. the bike looks new. Cleaning the gummy carbs and having to replace rubber grommets and such is all she needed. Sold 2010 to buy a new Road Bicycle.

Download: Brochure | Factory Photo


2008 - 2001 Kawasaki KE 100 + Other than a few modern accents, the bike Sounds just like My old Nanner Yellow G5 of a 1972 vintage. Fun Small putt around bike. Great for a first time rider. Among my local friends we have about 12 of them. Once and a while we all get together and terrorize the neighborhood. Sounds like a 12 cylinder bumble bee from hell.
 f facebook group

2008 - 2008 Honda GL 1800 Goldwing + Finally, The decision to go goldwing. Makes taking the wife along effortless. She has no complaints. Lots of air between us. Like a king size bed. Handling is fantastic though it took me a while to adjust for a wider peripheral view. Stereo sounds Great. Sold my GB 500 for a down payment. Got a great deal from Freewheelin Honda in Douglasville.

2009 - 2009 Kawasaki KLX 250 S + Just Love Lime Green. With slow sales and poor economy as a tool, It was a great deal. Great street manners. Feels lighter than it is. Stock, this bike is so lean its a death trap to pull out into traffic. Re jetting is a must. More comfortable than expected. Drive train is tight and shifts well.

 Larger Image

2009 - 1981 Yamaha RDX 125 (1E7)+ French version. Yellow Headlight. Saddle bags were Shoei. Sold originally by:
51 Moto - Center REIMS France
Motorcycle Mechanics Magazine - April 1981 - Road Test PDF 2.47mb
Rode this bike in the 2010 LEL (Lake Erie Loop) 650 miles in one day (17 hours) w/ 10 fuel stops. The bike did great and was quite comfy for a small ride.

2011 - 1972 Kawasaki G5 100cc My Brother n Law found a Banana Yellow G5 like my first real motorcycle at the Barber Vintage Weekend . Sold 6/23/2022 as a Project, Thx Mike
Download Brochures, Pictures, Test Reports - jpg and pdf:

2011 - 2007 Honda NSS250 Reflex Scooter Big Scooter, Big Fun. I enjoy riding my little zuma so much, but it's too small and slow to ride across town. This bike runs 70 mph with ease. If you are heavy enough to keep the front tire stuck to the ground, It will handle with most sport bikes. Very quiet and smooth.

Bought this one from a Preacher who said he had it a year and a half , yet the title stated it had been purchased only 4 months prior

.SOLD - 2/4/2020 only put 1850 miles on it in 9 years,

2016 - 2017 Kawasaki Z125 PRO+ NOT A GROM! The first question I get, is that a Green GROM? NO! Pure Kawasaki. It has a stiffer suspension, narrower more responsive tires, lower gear and a less powerful front brake. Designed to carry over 350 lbs.. So two up is a go. First tank of gas yeilded 102.6 MPG.


2016 - 2015 Honda GROM 125+

It's a Grom, A Yellow one. Serial #705
Bought 12/18/2016 Originally won on a radio station Auction to cover advertising for Aiken MC Sales in South Carolina. They set a buy it now instead of a bidding auction and the guy I got it from got it for $695 OTD. Good for him and I got a Fair price too.


2018- 2019 Honda Monkey 125+ PEARL NEBULA RED! Serial #057 from East Alabama Powersports Honda's Recreation of the original Monkey. Painted just like the first suspended model in 1972. Beautiful workmanship. Geared Higher than the Grom. Seems to string out forever in gears. Very undersprung rear suspension. Only 229lbs capacity. USA models have a cheapy rear tail light assembly. A GROM light. A quick and easy fix for the DOT at our expense
Front blinkers do NOT double as marker lights, High beam indicator light will blind you at night. Still a very nice bike.

2022- 2022 Honda TRAIL CT125A+ GLOWING RED! Serial #705

Freewheeling Powersports

First Motorcycle my wife asked for. Automatic Clutch 4 speed, ABS front brake and easy handling.

First thing that must go is the Heel Toe/SEESAW Shift Lever.

1996 - 1990 Earthstar Thunder Gull Ultra-lite Great! Machine W/ Rotax 503 twin cylinder dual carburetor motor. This is true freedom in the air. Too Bad it had one loose screw, Me! My Personal "Watch This" MISTAKE of February 25, 1996

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Downloads: Magazine Articles

1972 Kawasaki F9 Big Horn - Dirt Cycle Magazine Review

1972 Dirt Cycle Magazine - Climbing California's Fearsom Matterhorn

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