DeLorme Earthmate Serial port with USB Power Supply Conversion


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Do you use your Earthmate GPS to connect to a laptop computer via Serial Port? Do you have an available USB port on your laptop?
Well, Now you can use a standard USB cable to supply the Earthmate with power directly from the USB port. There are no special drivers needed for this USB application. Only the USB 5 volt output will be accessed.
Below see the alterations I have made to my personal Earthmate. I have used this configuration with a Sony Laptop and have had no problems of any kind. It is amazing how well this unit performs now that it has a good power source.

Attention: This is an Amateur conversion done by a non-professional. There are No Warranties, NO Guarantees. Not Associated with DeLorme Company.
Make alterations and use with your computer at your own risk.

Why do this? DeLorme wanted $50.00 for a USB serial port conversion or similar for a cigarette plug adapter. Since I already have this GPS with no resale value due to new pure USB versions, I decided to utilize what I had. How do you do it?
Start by carefully drilling a hole in the bottom end of the battery compartment. Hole diameter should match USB cable
(see above right)

Prepare the USB Cable and connect it.
Buy a standard USB cable about 3 Ft. long. Cut off the small end. Carefully remove about 2 inches of the wire casing. Unravel

 the ground shield woven cable and twist it tight. Green and White wires are not used. Skin casings of the red and black wires about 1/4". Insert the USB cable into the newly drilled hole of the GPS. I used a piece of the old end boot to glue to the cable to prevent it pulling out.
Twist the black wire and the ground cable together and solder them to the negative post (as shown Left). Solder the Red wire to the Positive post ( as shown Left). Install battery cover and you are done.

 Earthmate DB9 pin assignment by wire color. I had to replace the db9 connector on my unit due to poor connection.

Pin 5 - Black | Pin 4 - Yellow | Pin 3 - Green | Pin 2 - Brown | Pin 9 - Red |
Pins 1, 6, 7, 8 are unused.

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