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 The most fun you can have on two wheels on a public road since 1982.Thousands of Dollars Raised for the Local Volunteer Fire Dept.

Attention: Fellow TG50FR Participants. Would you like to be included in this directory? YES Send the following info that you would like shown in the directory. Name, City/State/Country, E-mail address, Model bike ridden in the event, Photo of You ( for Identity ), Photo of your bike if you like, Your related website link, and the year you first rode the event.
Requirements: You must have Participated in the TG50FR. I will gladly put you in the directory with no certain order. Send your information & attached photo
   Click to See the bike. Many are redesigned custom show pieces.

Ben Cheatwood

Lilburn, GA USA

Originator of Fun Run

Since Beginning

Click to see Ben "Slave to the Figures"

The One and Only first Member of the TG50FR - The F.A.R.T. Man himself

Jeff Champion

Douglasville, GA USA

'90 Honda NS 50

Since 1994

 50cc keeps it fun! Adding Big Bore Kit just means you like to ride alone.

Jeff Potts

Douglasville, GA USA

'90 Honda NS 50

Since 1994


  Sold - '90 NS50

Eddie Poorman

Douglasville, GA USA

'82 Honda MB5

Since 1994

Doug Walker

Douglasville, GA USA

'82 Honda MB5

Since 2003

Jackie Flood

Atlanta, GA USA

'90 Honda NS 50

Since 2001

 Honda NS50 Sold :( Coffee isn't helping -- get the jumper cables!

Ken Watts

Metro Atlanta GA USA

'90 Honda NS 50

Since 1986


In memory of my Best Friend Bob Hale, a fellow grits runner

Jeff Roberts

Kennesaw, GA USA

'90 Yamaha DT50

Since 1997


How many bikes does it take to turn a DT50 into the Tiddlinator?

Eric DeAbreu

Smyrna, GA USA

NSR 50 R



My bike is hostage in Jeff Roberts Garage

Cuyler Murphy

Wetumpka, AL USA

1969 Honda CL50

Since 2002


Harold Murphy

Toledo, OH USA

'03 Aprilia RS50

Since 2003


My son Cuyler made me sign up

Ray Thompson

Fort Lauderdale, FL USA

'88 YSR 50

Since 2002


Looking forward This Event Again and Again

Gail & Ed Dunn

Woodstock, GA USA

1990 Honda NS50

Since 2000

Ed rides a 2001 Aprilia RS50

The 2000 Grits Was one of our first Dates in a romantic sort of way

Eric Dockery

Greenfield, Indiana USA

Hon Ns50-Yam DT50

Since 2004

Losing 30 Pounds = Pipe and Jet Kit

Kevin Lueder

Lapel, Indiana USA

2004 Honda Ruckus

Since 2004

It's NOT a Damn Moped!

Rick Hogue   

Sarasota, FL

'82 Honda MB5 w/sidecar

Since 1983

1957 Globe GS200 Sidecar

OK, after 10 years it’s time someone challenges the sidecar class!

Denali Hogue  

Sarasota, FL

1957 Globe GS200 Sidecar


Attended - 2003 -2013


RIP March 2015

Alaska Hogue  

Sarasota, FL

1957 Globe GS200 Sidecar


Since 1992 - 2001


It was a Great Ride. Wasn't It?

Vrika Wolf

Western Wood, Narnia

MB5 / Globe sidecar

Your Email

Since 2012

Your Website

The Wolf will return this year

Kerry Carsley   

Newport, Maine

2003 Dream 50 R

Since 2003

I plan to be at this year’s TG 50 with my newest bike

Tory Hornsby

Covington, GA USA

1990 Honda NS 50

Since 2005

See you at the Fun Run!

Ray Coker    

Mobile, Alabama USA

2003 Derbi Super Motard

Since 2004


Team Bastard

Randy "Elvis" Rosebro

 Cedar Point, NC

Yamaha "Towny" & NS

Since 1992



Keith Johnston


Hyosung Rally 50cc sooter

Since 2007


Ben: I had a blast,thanks for your dedication to this event.

Timothy Thacker

Westerville, Ohio

MB5 & NS50

Since 2004


I can't wipe the smile off of my Face!

Maurice & Cindi Turgeau

Mobile, Alabama

MB5, RZ50, GPR50

Since 2008

It's our favorite event of the year ! We Met at the Fun Run so its Extra Special

Mark Hudson

Theodore, Alabama

Honda ZB50

Since 1989

half naked girls on my zb are ok by me

Carl Nyberg

Asheville, NC

’62 Honda Sport 50

Since 2004


Your Picture

Tim Weaver

Indianapolis, IN

MB5 & 125 4s

Since 1986

Returning 2017 on a 125 four stroke

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