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Info: Brief history about Champ's Clock Shop


Animated Magic Motion Small World Clocks


Info/Links: Exclusive clock Exhibits

Banjo Wall

Photo: Example of our Banjo Clock display


Info/Photo: Barometer Types

Bells & Movements

Info/Photo: Chime & Movement examples


Info: Certificate Award from Sligh Clock

Champ's Tower

Info/Photo: Champ standing w/Tower Clock

Chimes of 1000 Clocks Event

Info/Photo: About the Spring Forward Celebration

Contact / Store Location / Shop Hours

Info: Maps, Hours, Phone / fax, General Info

Cuckoo Wall

Photo: A view of our main cuckoo display


Download: Hear Clocks Chime, See Video


Photo: View through Champ's front door

First Row

Photo: 44 feet of wall and Floor clocks


Photo: 10' tall hand carved walnut Clock

Herschede Information

Info: Dating your Herschede / Company History

Herschede, The Last

Info/Photo: The end of Herschede Clock Co.

Home / Index

Our home page/Sound

Jacob Eby Tall Clock

Photo: Only 300 of its kind & 8 ft. tall

Largest Cuckoo

Info/Photo/Sound: One big Cuckoo Clock


Links: Manufacturers, WWVB, Museum

Mid Center Isle

Photo: Center of the Shop view


Special Sale Page - Limited Supply

Miscellaneous 2

Champ's online Garage Sale page

Overview 1

Photo: Overhead view = A sea of clocks

Overview 2

Photo: Eye level view of row 1


Info: Variety, Selection, Technical Info

Specials 1

Special Sale Items

Specials 2

Special Sale Items

Specials 3

Special Sale Items

Specials 4

Special Sale Items

Specials 5

Special Sale Items

Stained Glass Tower

Photo: Backlight through the tower windows

Table in CRS Room

Photo: Center view of our CRS room

TributaryGa Local Attraction

Info: Shop Awareness to Local Community

View Shop

Index: Shop photos

Wall of Mantels

Photo: Group of mantel clocks on display

Wall of Walls

Photo: Group of wall clocks on display

Winter Aerial Shot

Photo: 500 feet above Champ's, winter 1998

Chelsea Clock Price List

Info: Complete list of On-line chelsea pricing

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